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The Art Quotes Book website is a comprehensive listing of famous quotations by artists, about art and being creative. It also includes artist biographies and information on popular art movements, media used by artists, and the country that each famous artists is from.

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  • Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer and often the supreme disappointment.
    Ansel Adams > Photography, Disappointment
  • I don't listen to what art critics say. I don't know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.
    Jean Michel Basquiat > Meaning, Art, Art Critics
  • People say to me that my work's sensational. And I go, "What's wrong with sensation? It's like touching skin." Sensation is an element of what I do, and why not? It's not sensational for the sake of being sensational, but it's sensational art.
    Damien Hirst > Art Work, Shock Art
  • I make installations and the final result is a video projection and the photograph. If I didn’t make video projections, then call me one thing; if I didn’t make photos, then call me another.
    Spencer Tunick > Photography, Video, Installations, Create
  • I've worked really hard. I've made three pieces of seminal art in my life. If I died tomorrow, I'd be remembered for making them. There are a lot of artists who, no matter how hard they work in their lives, will never make anything seminal.
    Tracey Emin > Work, Art, Life, Masterpiece, Art Work, Artists, Die
  • One of the things I'm doing in Yorkshire is finding out how difficult it is to learn not to see like cameras, which has had such an effect on us. The camera sees everything at once. We don't. There's a hierarchy. Why do I pick out that thing as opposed to that thing or that thing?"
    David Hockney > Photography, Learning, Difficult, Camera
  • Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.
    Andy Warhol > Money, Business, Work, Art
  • Generally I walk around and I see one object and it affects me. I can't just choose any object or any theme to work with. I can be confronted by an object and be interested in a specific thing about it, and then the context develops simultaneously. I never try to create a context artificially.
    Jeff Koons > Work, Creative, Subjects, Interests
  • Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
    Pablo Picasso > Death, Procrastination
  • I actually graduated as a painter, so I don't have the many specific skills need to make all of the kinds of work I am interested in. I work with other people to make my work.
    Patricia Piccinini > Art Work, Work, Paint, Interest, Skills

  • The auction room, as anyone knows, is an excellent medium for sustaining fictional price levels, because the public imagines that auction prices are necessarily real prices.
    Robert Hughes > Art Collecting, Art Auctions

  • Art should astonish, transmute, transfix. One must work at the tissue between truth and paranoia.
    Brett Whiteley > Work, Art, Truth
  • Art criticism, I would say, is about the most ungrateful form of "elevated" writing I know of. It may also be one of the most challenging.. if only because so few people have done it well enough to be remembered.. but I'm not sure the challenge is worth it.
    Clement Greenberg > Art Criticism, Writing, Challenges
  • I've always thought that there shouldn't be any limit to the things that are well designed. And I think that people who consider that art should only be kept for art galleries and doesn't have a role in public life, I think that's too narrow.
    Ken Done > Thinking, Art, Art Gallery, Design, Life


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